Manning Valley Hockey Association

Association Registration

Manning Valley Hockey Association The Manning Valley Hockey Association undertakes NSW player registration via the Hockey NSW Revolutionize Sport service.

Individual club fees and MVHA Association fees apply and are additional to the NSW registration fees.
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Hockey NSW Registration

Fees for 2022
  • HNSW Under 18 Membership - $90.51
  • HNSW Adult Membership - $153.58
  • HNSW Junior U11 Membership - $59.42
  • HNSW Under 8 Membership - $35.41
  • HNSW Team Officials, Coaches and Managers Membership - $20.00
  • MVHA Academy Registration - TBA

Hockey Club Registration

Registration Online

Clubs within the organisation undertake their own player registration. The following clubs register through the Revolutionize Sport service;

Registration Days

Most clubs have their own registration days prior to the start of the season. It's a good way to meet people in the club and ensure the club meets your goals.
We encourage clubs to provide details of those days so we can list them below for your information.